The Artist

The editor of Tetote handmade market required me to send her a photo of me working on my wreath so I asked my husband today to take a photo of me. He took a lot of photos in different angles and this is the one I love most. 


Having seen my own photos I’ve realized that I am really an artist now, designing wreaths and crafts. I couldn’t imagine I am into this phase of my life now. When I was in elementary my dream is to become a fine artist, imagining myself painting some contemporary arts on a canvas. But I realized now my dream has came true. I became an artist by heart and passion. Different from what I imagined but better than what I expected. Living in Japan, gave me so much opportunities to explore my creativity. What if I had lived in the Philippines for all my life, perhaps I won’t be in this situation. I won’t have enough time to explore my creativity, all I have to do is work and work hard for a living. As you know, salary of a regular employee in the Philippines is so meager that you need to have 2-3 jobs to survive. So I think my destiny that brought me here is really a great plan for me by my God.  He has perfect plan for me in this land. 

Elegant Cypress wreath

Yesterday, I made  4 wreaths and took picture of them today. After that I uploaded them to my online shops hoping for good sales this month. 

I also uploaded some photos to my Facebook account and page. 


Hello world!


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